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Chocolate Sweater Duster

$47.99 $58.99

Our Chocolate Sweater Duster is the ideal storeroom staple for those months in the middle between climates. Significantly more significant than average fit with a super delicate material. It has abundant resources on each side. This Sweater can wear through any season with any look. It can wear with a skirt and a tank top throughout the mid-year, and throughout the spring or fall, it can consolidate with warm boots and a scarf. Regardless of the time, you'll wind up going after this sweatshirt.

This Chocolate Sweater is trendy and attractive. It is reasonable for parties, shopping, special night, oceanside, running, wellness, at home, yoga, get-away, indoor and open-air exercises, everyday wear, etc.


  • Ultra-soft material: 100% Acrylic 
  • Type: Sweater 
  • Size: S, M, L

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